Edward Belsky

*1963, Colki, Volyn region, Ukraine
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01. Two Faces
Title: 01. Two Faces
02. Karnavalni Divsata
Title: 02. Karnavalni Divsata
03. Without Title
Title: 03. Without Title
04. Blondy
Title: 04. Blondy
05. Belli Angel
Title: 05. Belli Angel
06. Woman with hat
Title: 06. Woman with hat
07. Harlequin
Title: 07. Harlequin
08. Girl
Title: 08. Girl
09. Night Portrait
Title: 09. Night Portrait
10. Three Girls II
Title: 10. Three Girls II
11. Red hat II
Title: 11. Red hat II
12. Without Title
Title: 12. Without Title

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Edward Belsky studied in Republican Art School in Kiev and the Dnepropetrovsk Art School.
n 1991 he graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, the faculty of monumental art. Since 1992 he is a member of the Art Union of painters of Ukraine.

A unique combination of the best traditions of Ukrainian painting with a great influence of the French School has made his style brilliantly original and allowed him to gain enormous interest all over the world. As a result, Edward has participated in more then twenty solo and group exhibitions in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Sweden and the USA. His works have been successfully represented at numerous art fairs and festivals in Europe – Art Ireland, Art Geneva, Art Stuttgart, Art Vienna, Art Zurich International, Affordable Art Fair in London, Salon Des Independantes in Paris. He has a permanent gallery representation in most of the European countries and the USA.