Robert Bertone

* 1962, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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01. Sky Lights
Title: 01. Sky Lights
02. Smoked Turkey
Title: 02. Smoked Turkey
03. Three Nudes
Title: 03. Three Nudes
04. Night Life
Title: 04. Night Life
05. Bathers Pop 2
Title: 05. Bathers Pop 2
06. Three Pop Muses 2
Title: 06. Three Pop Muses 2
07. Dreamers
Title: 07. Dreamers
08. Meirmade
Title: 08. Meirmade
09. Garter belt and Stockings
Title: 09. Garter belt and Stockings

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1995 Parson's School of Design, New York City
Lives and works in New Jersey and New York City.

Robert Bertone is born in New Jersey as the son of Italian parents. He has been painting since the age of five and is primarily a self-taught artist. He has been painting with oils in the basement of his house introducing himself to different ways of working with in color.
He became very found of the use of bright colors and shapes, concentrating on figure drawing and compositional ideas. Nevertheless Bertone always felt that knowledge of figures,composition, line and color to be very important whilst developing further his Abstract-Figurative-Pop artwork. During painting over the years his artwork seems to be crystallizing, growing upon itself.
1995 Bertone studies at the famous "Parson's School of Design" in New York. Since he has developed his own personal style and he wants to develop further in this direction he decides to participate in specific art classes that support him in continuously perfecting his own artwork and exploring new ideas.

Bertone uses in his artwork bold and intense bright colors which he applies strikingly in large distinct surfaced areas. The simplicity of his shapes, compositions and figures combined with bright colors give his artwork a special emotional expressiveness. Whilst observing Bertone's paintings you feel specially emotionally touched and your spirits lifted. Being that his artwork is simplistic and colorful and reminds of playful children it appeals to be "eye candy" for the soul.
Bertone says that emotions guide his artwork. "Art should be about what your feeling inside, and about what's going on outside."
Although Bertone's artwork explores many forms of abstraction, his latest body of work, "Figurative-Pop" is simultaneously modern and Retro-Pop, while his compositions are minimal and seductive.

Bertone's artwork is included in numerous private collections and has exhibited at Ward-Nasse Gallery in Chelsea, Wesbeth Gallery in NYC, 55 Mercer Gallery in Soho; as well, as the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island.