Hartmut Ritzerfeld

*1950, Stolberg, Germany
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01. Paul Modersohn im Abendkleid
Title: 01. Paul Modersohn im Abendkleid
02. The Horse
Title: 02. The Horse
03. The Horse
Title: 03. The Horse
04. Via Beobachtung (By Observation)
Title: 04. Via Beobachtung (By Observation)
05. Deutscher Suprematismus
Title: 05. Deutscher Suprematismus
06. Without Title, Landscape
Title: 06. Without Title, Landscape

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1969 - 1976: Studies at the art academy in Düsseldorf, Germany under Prof. Joseph Beuys and Prof. Karl Kneidl.

1975: becomes master pupil of Joseph Beuys.

1978: Moves on from Düsseldorf to study in Zürich, Switzerland.

1980: conveys the thinking of the "Free Academy" in the sense of Joseph Beuys to the Eifel region around Stolberg and Aachen, Germany.

since 1998: has been working in his studio in the european house for art in Vicht, Germany.