Philippe Halaburda

*1972, Meaux, France
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01. Without Title
Title: 01. Without Title
02. Assume Vivid
Title: 02. Assume Vivid
03. Mezzanin
Title: 03. Mezzanin
04. Othowa
Title: 04. Othowa
05. Quel boy d'ancolie
Title: 05. Quel boy d'ancolie
06. Sinya
Title: 06. Sinya

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1992-1995 Studies graphics and sculpting in Paris
Since 1995: Beginns with abstract painting
Since 1996: Numerous exhibitions in galleries and artfairs in France.

September 20 to October 12th: 2 nd price at the Art fair 2008 of Bourbon-Lancy (71)
September 16 to October 2nd: au 11ème concours de peintures de la Galerie Phocéa, Marseille
September: at the Southern painters Artfair, Toulouse
September 11 to 14: at the Quissac 2008 Artfair, at the first summer Meetings of “Montjoie 2008”, with Christian Eurgal
4 dates in the year: Days of the painters in Saint Rémy de Provence
May 30: Open doors of the artists' workshops in the Siemens Main Office, Aix-en-Provence
May 20 to 31st: 1st price aux 1st Meetings of the Agora’ s Workshops in Eyguières (13)
April 11 to 13: at the “l'Art Français » Artfair in the of Casino Hyères les Palmiers,
1st price March 2008 : Artistic Meetings « Toques & Clochers 2008", Limoux
« coup de coeur 2008 » Janson Industry : 6 Paintings on the subject of the wine (31)
January to April: at the "Trackerdarts" gallery, Toulouse,