Teresa Brutcher

* 1955, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
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01. Danone Man I
Title: 01. Danone Man I
02. Danone Man II
Title: 02. Danone Man II
03. Danone Man III
Title: 03. Danone Man III
04. Bonbon
Title: 04. Bonbon
05. You Can Leave Your Hat On
Title: 05. You Can Leave Your Hat On
06. Seniorita, ita, ita....
Title: 06. Seniorita, ita, ita....
07. Condenado IV (The Prisoner)
Title: 07. Condenado IV (The Prisoner)
08. Condenado III (The Prisoner)
Title: 08. Condenado III (The Prisoner)
09. Liso Y Solita
Title: 09. Liso Y Solita
10. Loves me Not
Title: 10. Loves me Not
11. The Green Thumb
Title: 11. The Green Thumb
12. Cloning Around
Title: 12. Cloning Around

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- 1977: Graduated from University of California, Davis, with B.A. in Fine Arts.
- 1977 to 1779: Further studies at the University of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.
- Since 1992: Has lived and worked as a painter in the North of Spain.

Teresa Brutcher has been exhibitng in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1984:
- 2004: Sargadelos Gallery, Pontevedra, Spain
- 2005: Ramon Maria Aller Museum, Lalin, Spain
- 2005: Belo Belo Gallery, Braga, Portugal
- 2006: José Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
- 2007: October artfair in Berlin
- 2008: Cultural Centre of Atarfe, Granada, Spain, presented by the Andaluz cultural chairman

Teresa Brutcher`s paintings show individuals, faces, eyes, hands, painted with a technique which has come to be known as Hyperrealism as it exalts detail to its maximum degree as though everything can be seen through a magnifying glass. Her works tell a story on emotions, social and cultural themes are incorporated in her paintings.
The works of Teresa Brutcher have a strong tragic edge on the one hand and on the other hand she provokes with a good sense of humor by mocking sustained cultural norms and current popular trends. Her newest male portraits with Danone tattoo and her female portraits with Nestlé tattoo are a reference to the Fitness and Wellness movement of modern age and the attempt of the industry to earn money on these. The Danone Man with his immaculate well trained body acts as today's equivalent of the Marlboro Man. The Nestlé Woman shows surrounded by healthy products her obvious weakness for sweets.
Consequently the observer is left with a point of indifference between entertainment and uneasiness, playfulness and earnestness, Pessimism and Optimism.
The cold photographic principles are broken, whereby the images of the individuals seem to be alive, capturing the human reality with all its worries and longings for love and passion and attempts to protect him- or herself from pain and anguish.
Teresa Brutcher expresses a constant struggle between the innocence of infancy and that cynical maturity of the world. She utilizes painting to express feelings like anger, need, loneliness, love and joy.
Her paintings almost grab the attention of the observer and are a signal before which we must stop in order to observe the social environment of our times and become aware of the reality which surrounds us and to which we pay little attention due to the discomfort that it causes us.