Ilona Griss-Schwärzler

*1973, Alberschwende/Vorarlberg, Austria
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01. Live your Life
Title: 01. Live your Life
02. Gleich mittendrin
Title: 02. Gleich mittendrin
02. Just Be
Title: 02. Just Be
03. Kiss
Title: 03. Kiss
04. Someday
Title: 04. Someday
05. Stairway
Title: 05. Stairway
06. Think Big
Title: 06. Think Big
07. Wild and Free
Title: 07. Wild and Free
08. Scream
Title: 08. Scream
09. Behind
Title: 09. Behind
10. Veoh I
Title: 10. Veoh I
11. Veoh II
Title: 11. Veoh II
12. Veoh III
Title: 12. Veoh III

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1991 – 1996: Visits courses and seimnars in the areas Oil Painting, Water Colors, Acrylic Painting, Nudes and Portrait.
1995: Opening of her art studio in Alberschwende/Fischbach.
Since 1995: Art Teacher in her own art studio for different organisations, schools, companies and communities in the area of Oil Painting, Water Colors, Acrylic Painting and production of concrete sculptures in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy.
Since 2009: Art studio with art training center in Southern Italy in Apulien.
Her art work has been purchased through public organizations, international companies and private collectors. Represented by several galleries such as Bertrand Kass Gallery and Gerlich Gallery in Austria, Gallery Quattro in Switzerland.

The works of Ilona Griss-Schwärzler emerges the observer into an intense and excessive world that is bursting with colorfulness and embodies expressive human emotion and love of life. The reddish coloring of her feminine portraits attract attention and next to reds the artist applies intense yellows and azure blues which evoke strong emotions and convey vitality. The dynamics of her work is enforced through collage techniques and through incorporating letters, buzz words and sayings into her paintings, which identify her roots in the Bregenzerwald in Austria.
The novel of Hermann Hesse inspires Ilona Griss-Schwärzler to a large extent, where a young man called Goldmund continuously seeks for the primordial mother. Repeatedly Goldmund leaves friends and loved ones and wanders around the country side. His desire for life, love, passion , situations of danger and his longing for his mother, the feminine archetype drive him further and further.
Ilona Griss-Schwärzler is an evolving seeker, who attempts with her artwork to combine form, color and drawing in an optimal way. With a repeated effort she tries to capture artistically within her feminine portraits moments of real human passion and mirrors these snap shots of various emotional shadings back to the observer.